At present, in the truck parts market, there are mainly four types of parts: Original parts, OEM parts, Copy parts and Fake parts. For these four types, the quality decreases, and the price also reduces successively. So, what is the difference between these four types ?

  •     Original(Genuine) Parts

Original parts, which come from the truck manufacturers. These parts are officially sold by TRUCK spare parts department, to wholesalers and retailers in China. The main purchase channel is the manufacturer authorized 4S shop and parts franchise store.The quality of genuine parts are as good as the parts used to assemble the truck. They have strict inspection and with best quality. Customers could use them confidence, but the price is highest.


  •      OEM Parts

They are produced by a manufacturer which provides supporting products for truck. Since there are tens of thousands of parts on a truck, truck factories do not produce most parts mounted on their trucks. Some parts need to be purchased from other powerful factory. They are called OEM parts. As some genuine parts and OEM parts are from the same manufacturer, the quality of OEM parts is also guaranteed, but the price will be slightly lower.

Because of high prices of original parts, wholesalers skip Truck factory, and buy directly from original factories.

Lower prices, fast delivery, and same quality. See picture below.

  • Copy Parts

They have their own independent brand, which meets the relevant national standards, but they can not be marked truck brand logo(such as Sinotruk). Compared with the original parts , they exist as universal parts. The quality is slightly worse than OEM parts, and the price is more favorable.

  • Fake Parts

It refers to the inferior parts produced by unknown small factories, which are completely copied from the original parts.No quality inspection, no guarantee of quality, and with lowest price.