Through the last article( , we know the difference between the four types of truck parts. Then how should we choose?In the repair and maintenance of trucks, do all parts need to be original? Next, we will explain from the four aspects of maintenance parts, engine parts, chassis parts and cover parts.


  1. Maintenance parts, generally refer to engine oil, gear oil and various filters for the engine. These  parts generally play a role in lubricating and filtering impurities to the core components of the truck. The quality is directly related to the service life of the core components of the truck. So it is recommended to choose original parts or OEM parts.sinotruk howo oil
  2. Engine parts is divided into two categories. One is basic parts, such as HOWO pistons, cylinder liners, piston rings etc. These parts play a role in power output of the engine, need high quality , so it is best to use original parts.
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And another is engine accessories, such as truck generators, air-conditioning compressors, they can use OEM parts or copy parts, which can also play the same effect as the original parts.

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3. The selection of chassis parts also needs to be classified.

For the parts such as gears and housings of the gearbox, most user will choose OEM parts or copy parts.

For the valve accessories, it is recommended to use original parts.As the valves are often related to the brake system, which will affect the safety of the body, it is recommended to use better quality accessories.

For bracket accessories, it is OK if the copy parts welded well, it is not necessary to use original parts.

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4. Most of the damage to the body cover parts is caused by accidents. When choosing this type of parts, you can choose the copy parts.

The advantage of copy parts is that the price is lower, and no matter what kind of accessories will be damaged when the vehicle crashes. However, even if the copy parts are selected, it is necessary to check whether the paint of these covering parts will change color or fall off in advance to prevent affecting the appearance of the vehicle.

However, when choosing headlights and mirrors, it is recommended to use original parts. Because it is very important of the illumination of the lamps and the reflection of the mirrors at night. Only high-quality parts can achieve good results.

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There is no uniform standard for the choice of truck parts. After all, for the new truck just bought and the old truck which about to phase out, even if replace the same part, you should choose different types of parts.

Therefore, it also needs to be treated separately according to the truck driving time.