September 18th, 2020, FORTIUS Oversea department visit The 16th Exhibition Of Special Purpose Vehicles Liangshan. For the company’s next special vehicle market layout, for customers to explore more potential special vehicles, semi-trailer products, screening qualified suppliers.

FORTIUS(howo parts )visit trailer show

Relying on the industrial advantages, Liangshan County has successfully held the 15th China (Liangshan) Special Purpose Vehicle Exhibition from 2005 to 2019. This is the national special automobile industry sponsored by China Automobile Industry Association and Shandong Automobile Industry Association. Level exhibition.

As a supplier of China truck spare parts, we visited the exhibits of local leading parts enterprises such as Jinsheng Axle, Zhengyang Technology, Shenli Parts, Taiyue Plate Spring, and other spare parts exhibition area such as axle, wheel rim, tire and so on.

We also studied the new products of truck manufacturers such as FAW Jiefang, SINOTRUK, SAIC Hongyan and CAMC presented in Liangshan. We had a further understanding of the China truck which they served.

FORTIUS(shacman parts )visit trailer show