COVID-19 Epidemic? Good season for truck parts!

Now that the world is affected by COVID-19 and 2020 is a difficult year for the global economy. How will the epidemic affect the truck parts industry?

Although truck parts are not as essential at this stage as masks, food, but the epidemic does not affect the demand, logistics trucks are still running, trucks will still be broken.

You see, today , a 40HQ of truck parts (including injectors, high-pressure oil pumps, filters, etc.) is loaded by our warehouse colleague, will ship to Beria Port in Mozambique via Qingdao Port.

The COVID-19 virus did suppress demand and many countries, such as Nigeria and the Philippines, pressed the pause button, almost sealing off the country.

However, we remain positively confident about the Outlook for a sharp recovery in demand

People are staying at home reluctantly and will suppress their consumer demand in the coming months. But once the COVID-19 is under control, what will happen?

How will people satisfy their consumer demand which has been suppressed in months?

Increased consumption and falling oil prices are bound to lead to a logistics boom; stagnation during the epidemic is bound to lead to accelerated infrastructure development.
The growth of the truck accessories market is likely to rebound sharply in the second half of the year.

When the market arrives, the sharp increase in the logistics market will inevitably lead to a surging demand in the after-serve market. However, at that time inventories took time to recover market supply due to a brief pause in the previous period.

The epidemic is a crisis and an opportunity. It is difficult now, but it will pass. We should actively prepare for the opportunity behind this black swan (crisis). If hesitation stagnates, we will be robbed of the market by those who are prepared.

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